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Inspire a girl’s future. Be a Role Model!

Girl Day (February 24, 2022) is a worldwide campaign to engage girls in engineering. Thousands of people--engineers, educators, and others--act as Role Models, facilitate engineering activities, and educate girls about how engineers change our world. 

Key findings from DiscoverE's new report, Despite the Odds, found that this simple formula helps girls develop an interest in engineering, build their confidence in their problem-solving skills, and create a STEM identity. 

You can make a difference in a girls' life. 

Get Involved

Be A (Virtual) Role Model

Learn how and where you can volunteer in this time of social distancing. 

Achieving Diversity in Engineering

Learn what factors students, especially girls and students of color, have that go on to choose engineering and how you can influence those factors. Make a difference.

Despite the Odds

New! Research identifies the common factors that motivate young women to choose engineering and persist in the field. 

Girl Day Promotional Materials

Girl Day T-shirts, bookmarks, ads and more will make your Girl Day shine! 

Girl Day Planning Guides

Volunteers, Educators, and Parents— Use these resources to plan a Girl Day event or refresh your girl focused outreach efforts.

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