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Thomas Synovec, P.E.: New Faces Award

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Thomas Synovec, P.E.

Thomas, 29, primary job is to design and construct buildings, roads, and airfields for the Air Force. He also works on humanitarian projects critical to America’s coalition partners and has built schools, health clinics, and water wells, giving people access to clean water, medicine, education, and reliable power. Thomas’ latest project is to head up the largest troop labor project in the Air Force’s history in a remote region of African to support counter-terrorism operations. Thomas also taught the Air Force’s first Professional Engineering Exam Prep course. In three years, this course has helped hundreds of military and civilian engineers pass the P.E. exam and become licensed engineers.


Award Year:  2017
Employer:  U.S. Air Force
Nominated By:  National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE)
Type:Civil Engineer
Education:  United States Air Force Academy in CO, BS; North Carolina State University, MCE; Air Force Institute of Technology in OH, MS, Mississippi State University, PhD in progress