Virginia Museum of Transportation

Located in downtown Roanoke's historic Norfolk & Western Freight Station, the railyard and exhibit hall of the Virginia Museum of Transportation showcase how the evolution of transportation engineering advanced U.S. westward expansion. Outside, steam, electric, and diesel locomotives sit side-by-side with cabooses, a safety car, a railroad executive's personal car, a postal car, and more. Inside, a large four-tier O-gauge model train layout can be viewed from two different floors in the museum. The collection also includes antique automobiles and trucks, an experimental fixed-wing airplane and gyrocopter, and various hands-on exhibits.

Activity Details

Activity Type:Trips and Destinations
Discipline:Civil, Mechanical
Time:Full day

Fun Fact:The Underground Railroad borrowed extensively from the rail industry's terminology, with code words such as "agent," "conductor," "station," and "station master."
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