Despite the Odds

New Research from DiscoverE

There are multiple studies looking at why women leave engineering and technology paths. But what if we turned this around and asked: What are the common factors that motivate girls to pursue—and then persist—in engineering education and careers?

DiscoverE is pleased to share Despite the Odds: Young Women Who Persist in Engineering, a comprehensive literature review conducted in partnership with Concord Evaluation Group.

Key findings from the report support DiscoverE's long-held positions:

  • Why Girls Choose Engineering:

Giving girls the opportunity to do meaningful engineering activities—with role models—works. It builds their interest, confidence and understanding of engineering. And it works with boys too!

  • Why Young Women Stay:

Young women who persist in engineering have strong support networks and feel like they are part of a community.

We hope that this report will help inform your work to engage girls (and boys) in engineering and help young women succeed in the field.