Moises Bonilla

Moises’ passion for engineering was sparked in a high school robotics class. An internship gave him more exposure to building and programming robots, but ultimately showed him his heart wasn’t in robotics but rather in bridges, roads, and public works. Now a civil engineering major, Moises has an internship with the City of Boulder Public Works Department. This allows him to apply what he is learning in school to real world projects like mapping out new public works projects and assisting with city inspections. These experiences have proved to be important milestones on his road to becoming an engineer—one showing him an area he likes but doesn’t want to pursue and another stoking his excitement to build a career where people are renovating and improving America’s infrastructure.
Nominated by Name: 
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)
Engineering Discipline: 
Civil Engineering
College Name: 
University of Colorado Boulder
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