Antoine Primel, PhD

Antoine, 27, develops new formulas for rubber based systems and components for the automotive industry. His passion is in research & development and he is highly motivated by the opportunity to see his ideas go from conception to practical application. His breakthrough solutions have led directly to advances in the design of hoses that improve the ability to transfer fluids within automobile engines, meeting customer and EU specifications while also remaining environmentally responsible. When he is not working, Antoine trains a beginner team to play Agility Dog, a fast-growing, team-building sport in which a handler directs a dog through an obstacle course.
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American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)
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Chemical Engineer
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Cooper Standard
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Lycée Naval, A-level specialized in Sciences. IUT Mesures Physiques, 2 year degree specialized in Physico-chemical Measurements. Université de Bretagne Sud (UBS), Bachelor of Sciences, specialized in Polymers & Composites. Université de Bretagne Sud (UBS), Master of Sciences, specialized in Eco-Design of Polymers & Composites Institut de Recherche Dupuy De Lôme (IRDL) / PhD in Engineering Sciences.