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Help us create an engineering brand by using the DiscoverE logo series at your events, on your materials, or whenever you are celebrating engineering or working with students.



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Browse our library for copyright free images, videos, artwork, slideshares (aka powerpoints), and logos you can use in your outreach efforts.

Logos , Artwork & Ads
Use this b&w ad to celebrate the engineers who make a world of difference.
Video Resources
Missed the live webinar? Watch the archived version of the 5 Easy Ways to Make a Difference During Engineers Week, and get...
Thanks to you, our partners and volunteers, here is what we did together in 2015.
Logos , Artwork & Ads
DiscoverE has created a Global Marathon Logo with accompanying Artwork.
Logos , Artwork & Ads
DiscoverE has created Global Marathon Artwork for your use.
Logos , Artwork & Ads
This b&w ad is a volunteer call to action to sign up to be a Girl Day Role Model.