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Each second Wednesday of the month, join thousands of women around the world to hear inspiring stories and candidly discuss topics like inclusive workplace cultures and developing a growth mindset. Register To Attend On May 12 and watch past episodes on-demand!

Wednesday, May 12, 2:00 PM EDT

Lead Like A Woman: Engineering A New Mindset

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The leader is charismatic, assertive, takes a hard line.

The “male leadership archetype” and other unspoken gender norms shut many people out of personal and career growth opportunities.

Characteristics like kindness, compassion, and emotional intelligence are often mis-categorized as “weaknesses.”

Join Caroline Metcalf and Emma Harniman (Bechtel Corporation) to chat about embracing new ways of working and living to complement your values and personality rather than counter them, and to find your path toward creating your own leadership archetype.

Together, we're building our personal leadership styles for a better tomorrow!

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