Conversations and Community to Helping Women in E+T Persevere and Thrive

Each second Wednesday of the month, connect with thousands of women around the world to watch an inspiring TED-style video and candidly share stories and discuss effective tactics to help women stay and advance in engineering and technology careers. Upcoming sessions include: 

October 13 At 2:00 ET

Hermanas In STEM: Diversifying Workforce Development


In honor of International Latina Engineer Week, we’ll chat with long-time friends and colleagues, Maria and Gabriela, who together have forged powerful partnerships to help STEM students thrive at Hispanic-serving schools and facilitate seamless transitions into the workforce.

How can we ensure that earning a degree actually helps to open doors and create opportunities that change lives? What can be put in place to advance young professionals who have been marginalized or had limited access to pursuing a degree or training program? How can institutions work together toward transformative change that can help young professionals of color thrive?

We'll dig into all these questions and more to take a look at how institutions from higher education to corporate businesses can offer the support young professionals need to find a sense of belonging and succeed in the long term. 

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