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Global Day of the Engineer is Happening Soon - on Wednesday, April 5th!
How can you participate? It's easy! Take the pledge to celebrate the accomplishments of your fellow engineers, participate in hands-on activities with students or share a photo of an engineering wonder. Visit to learn more and take the pledge.


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Take the #GlobalEngineer Day pledge to share a photo of a local innovation with the world!

Pledge to engage students on ‪#GlobalEngineer Day & get new hands-on #DSG activities from ‪@DesignSquad!

Join @DiscoverEorg for #GlobalEngineer Day by pledging to celebrate engineering. Get ideas & take the pledge!

Pledge to celebrate #GlobalEngineer Day and share how engineers make a world of difference!


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Share our Global Day Ad to inspire others to take the pledge.

4. Print Postcards Available; Order Soon:

Colorful print postcards are available to help promote Global Day of the Engineer at in-person meetings/events. Global Day is next month, so please order ASAP. Email: Include the quantity you need, your mailing address and date-needed.