Global Day Materials & Resources

Promote Global Day of the Engineer (Global Day).



Helpful Resources:

  • Ads

Include Global Day ads in newsletters, magazines, other publications and online communications. Color and B&W versions are available.

  • Logos

Post the 2018 Global Day logo on your fliers, posters and other promotional materials and communications. Horizontal and vertical versions are available.​​​​

  • DiscoverE's Events Calendar

Promote your event for FREE! Post your event on our Events Page so others will learn about it.

  • Photos

Browse our copyright-free photo library and download photos to use on your promotional materials. Check the "Photos" box to filter for just photos.


Additional Resources for Global Day:

  • Activities

Four, fun activities are available to engage students about engineering. Learn about them. Then, take the Global Day pledge to download them. 

  • Webinars

View the 2017 Global Day webinar, featuring presenter Avery Bang's work with Bridges to Prosperity.

  • Online Training

Access free training modules that can help you become a more confident and effective Global Day volunteer.