Global Day Materials & Resources

Promote Global Day of the Engineer (Global Day).



Three things you can do for Global Day:

  1. Find language on the Global Day promotional page that you can easily copy, tweet and post to share with others.
  2. Access the helpful resources referenced below.
  3. View the free Global Day event: A Day in the Life of Engineers: Making Global Impact, part of the 2018 Global Marathon. This program is available free and on-demand through July 3, 2018.

Thank you!

Helpful Resources:

  • Ads

Include Global Day ads in newsletters, magazines, other publications and online communications. Color and B&W versions are available.

  • Logos

Post the 2018 Global Day logo on your fliers, posters and other promotional materials and communications. Horizontal and vertical versions are available.​​​​

  • DiscoverE's Events Calendar

Promote your event for FREE! Post your event on our Events Page so others will learn about it.

  • Photos

Browse our copyright-free photo library and download photos to use on your promotional materials. Check the "Photos" box to filter for just photos.


Additional Resources for Global Day:

  • Activities

Four, fun activities are available to engage students about engineering. Learn about them. Then, take the Global Day pledge to download them. 

  • Online Training

Access free training modules that can help you become a more confident and effective Global Day volunteer.