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Take part in the world’s first-ever survey of the engineering community. Win a $100 gift card! #GlobalEngineerSurvey

For engineers only! Join in the first-ever survey of the global engineering community. #GlobalEngineerSurvey

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Be Counted! Take the Global Day of the Engineer Survey

A global survey to discover what engineers have in common, what’s different, and what it means for the future of engineering is now open. While we know what engineers do, our partner, DiscoverE, wants to find out more about why they do it. What motivates someone to become an engineer? Do the reasons change across borders? What is the more important attraction: the potential for creativity or using science/math skills? Do they become engineers for job security? Prestige?

We encourage you to take the survey and share it with friends and colleagues. Everyone who completes it is eligible to win one of five $100 gift cards.  

Option 2:

Global Day of the Engineer Survey is Open

Be counted! Take the Global Engineer Survey. It's a unique opportunity to share the influences that led you into engineering. We will post the results on April 3 as we celebrate Global Day of the Engineer, a worldwide event to recognize the engineering community's positive contributions and inspire the future workforce. This is YOUR survey! Please take a few minutes to weigh in. Then join the global conversation (#GlobalEngineerSurvey) on April 3.                                 

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