The Impact of the Girl Day Movement!

Want to know if the Girl Day movement makes a difference introducing girls to engineering? Read on!

Quotes from Girl Day Role Models about Volunteering 

"The day after we went to the school we received a book from one of the classes. Each student made a page thanking us and, in many cases, full of engineering ideas they had for inventions. It was amazing!"

"We did many engaging activities at the elementary school. The kids were inspired as they truly became innovators. This was a memorable experience for all involved!"

"One of the girls we introduced to engineering 12 years ago just graduated as an architect. Two others are pursuing careers in electrical engineering!"

"Our Girl Day activities helped the students understand that engineers create! They loved it and can't stop telling their friends!"

"The kids weren't aware of career possibilities and how fun engineering is. And we had so much fun!"

Quotes from Teachers/Girls about Girl Day Participation

"I invited an engineer to speak to my class. The students were inspired by how his work is changing the lives of others!"

"The activities encourage my students to think about their futures and helps improve mathematics, science and reading skills!"

"I started doing engineering activities with my class. It changed my perspective on teaching!

"I decided to go into engineering after I heard you speak when I was in high school!"

"This was the highlight of my entire school year!"