Idea Starters

As a female engineer, technologist or technician your very presence at girl-focused events or mixed gender events, sends the message that women succeed in engineering.

1. Do hands-on activities with a group of girls

The National Girls Collaborative Project has a database of local girl serving organizations. The Girl Scouts is another great organization to connect with. Contact a group in your area and offer to do hands-on activities with the girls. You can supplement your visit with inspiring videos.

2. Host a lunch or dinner for a group of girls

Showcase the contributions women engineers and technicians are making at a panel discussion over lunch or dinner. Talk to the girls about your projects, make sure to point out their impacts on society, and be sure to save time for a lively Q&A. Expand your reach by also inviting the girls’ moms to your event. Research shows that the biggest influencer of a child’s career decision is their mom.

3. Bring girls to your workplace or college campus

Invite a group of girls to spend the day in your lab, office, or at your university. Give them a tour, introduce them to the female engineering team members who work there, show them a project you or your colleagues are working on, feed them lunch, answer their questions, and take their picture and give them copies to remind them of the cool women who work in engineering.

4. Mentor a group of middle or high school girls 

Who says Girl Day has to only last one day? Volunteering to work with a small group of students over a longer term project is a rewarding way to help girls. You can organize your own program or volunteer with an established program like Future City. Did you know that almost 50% of Future City participants are girls?

5. Host a Girl Day event 

Imagine the energy and enthusiasm of hundreds of girls trying their hands at engineering activities. Give girls and their parents a day to remember by hosting a public event at a museum, mall, university, park, or library.

6. There’s more.

  • Invite a girl to shadow you at work.
  • Make a presentation about engineering at a middle or high school career day.
  • Volunteer as a judge for a science and engineering fair.
  • Offer to speak at local events whether they are engineering related or not. It’s great for girls to see engineers in various capacities.

Spread the word about Girl Day

1. Tell a Friend

Do your colleagues, friends and family know about Girl Day? Share your passion for getting more girls involved in engineering.

2. Order your free Girl Day poster

Display this lively and engaging poster on campus, in your office, hallway, or lab. Click here to get the Engineers Week Volunteer kit in our store

3. Post a message

Partner with your corporation, professional society or college’s communication team to post a message from leadership about engineering’s vital role in innovating and providing solutions to global challenges and engaging students in the engineering.

4. Go social

Share your efforts on FacebookTwitter and Instagram using the hashtag #girlday2015. Make a Girl Day video and post on youtube and vimeo.

5. Write an article

Will your college paper or company newsletter publish an article about Girl Day?