Girl Day Planning Guides

Grade A

That’s how two-thirds of girls graded the Girl Day event they attended. When we asked how to make a Girl Day event even better they said to do MORE hands-on, engineering activities (and don’t be afraid to make some of them a bit more challenging). They also liked learning new things, eating good snacks, working in teams, and meeting engineers.  

We’ve got more tips and resources to help you earn an A+ from all of the girls who attend your Girl Day celebrations.  We’ve organized them into three groups:

#1  Educators

We’ve got ideas and tips on how you can spark girls’ interest in engineering in classrooms, afterschool programs, and other group settings.

#2  Engineers

As a role model, you can inspire a girl’s future by sharing with her what engineering is all about.

#3   Parents

Parents are a child’s first role model. Explore the ways you can excite your daughter (or son) by introducing them to engineering.

Wait there's more!

We’ve also got lots of Girls Night Out planning tips and resources. This event features Dream Big film, engineering activities, and presentations. 

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