2014 Engineers Week Theme

Let’s Make a Difference

Most Americans, kids and adults, do not know what engineering is or what engineers do. They don’t know that engineering is a collaborative, creative process that makes a difference in all of our lives—from advances in life-saving medicines to more productive crop yields to clean drinking water.

Engineers Week is a time to make a difference by celebrating our accomplishments and sharing our knowledge, experiences, and enthusiasm. It is a time to turn comments like “I didn’t know that” into exclamations of “I want to do that!”

It is a time to come together and mobilize our colleagues—engineers, engineering students, technicians, and technologist—to volunteer to make a difference by visiting a classroom, recognizing the work of a colleague, or hosting a public event.

Engineers Week is a time of many firsts. It may be the first time a student:

  • meets an engineer
  • tries an engineering activity
  • learns what engineering is
  • considers engineering as a viable college or career choice

It may be the first time you:

  • Attend or help to plan an Engineers Week celebratory event at your college or workplace
  • Volunteer to do a hands-on activity with students
  • Talk to a group of students about engineering
  • Participate in a community event aimed at informing educators, media, or community leaders about engineering

Whether it is your first time or you are an old pro, you can get started today:

  1. Order your Engineers Week Volunteer Kit.
  2. Contact your local Engineers Week organizing committee at your workplace or through your engineering society.
  3. Or, pick one thing to do from our list of idea starters.