Engineers Week turns 65

2016 Engineers Week Theme

Engineers Week turns 65 and this year’s theme – ‘Engineers Make a World of Difference’ – was never more relevant.   Join DiscoverE and your colleagues to celebrate how engineers make a difference through their professional and volunteer lives.
Through the decades, Engineers Week has become embedded in hundreds of organizations around the world and is the foundation of their volunteer engagement. From college students to professionals, local volunteers are providing engineering experiences for children, parents, and educators who may otherwise never be introduced to engineering.  How?
They rely on DiscoverE for tested tools and resources. There are plenty here for you.  At DiscoverE, we make a difference by partnering with terrific companies and non-profit organizations to mobilize, support, connect, and recognize volunteers.
Contributions of our dedicated profession will prove critical to how we thrive on our shared planet.   Yet, in too many parts of the world, more engineers are needed.  To this end, Engineers Week and several other DiscoverE program models have been replicated in other parts of the world.  In fact, you’ll find our programs on every continent but Antarctica.
On this Engineers Week anniversary, we call to engineers everywhere to unite in celebration and volunteerism for the first annual Global Day of the Engineer on February 24. Help put a face to the profession that makes our world a better place. DiscoverE provides the volunteer ideas and resources you need.  
Join us, as well as tens of thousands of engineers, in outreach and celebration.  And, if you participate in Antarctica, we’d love to hear from you.