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Tasha Kamegai-Karadi: New Faces Award

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Tasha Kamegai-Karadi

Tasha, 28, has built her career on protecting the environment. A groundwater expert at Geosyntec, she designs solutions that remediate contaminated groundwater and soil. She also manages field investigations to assess vapor intrusion and designs solutions to protect building occupants. At UC Berkeley, Tasha assisted with research to reduce mercury contamination in wetlands and, while at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, she conducted structural analysis and high purity water treatment design for nuclear submarines. Tasha’s early love of science was inspired by her mother, a single parent who pursued degrees in biochemistry and genetics. After her mother’s passing, Tasha honored her by advocating for women’s mental health in engineering. Tasha has lectured at the Society of Women Engineer’s largest conference on “Breaking Down Stigmas and Building Awareness: Mental Health”.


Award Year:  2016
Employer:  Geosyntec Consultants
Nominated By:  Society of Women Engineers (SWE)
Type:Environmental Engineer
Education:  University of California Berkeley /B.S., Civil and Environmental Engineering. Stanford University/ M.S., Environmental Engineering and Science.