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Rose Faghih, Ph.D.: New Faces Award

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Rose Faghih, Ph.D.

Even as a child, Rose, 30, had a passion for solving mathematical brainteasers. With this passion, she maintained a perfect GPA throughout her undergraduate as well as Ph.D. studies. Today, she applies that passion to her work in biomedical engineering by approaching complex problems about how the body works as elaborate puzzles to be solved. This enables her to develop mathematical algorithms that contribute to advancement of medical sciences. For example, during her Ph.D. studies, Rose answered important questions in neuroendocrine data analysis and control by studying cortisol secretion (a steroid hormone). Today, she is planning to build a device to help patients with cortisol deficiency. She has published multiple peer-reviewed journal papers, and presented at several conferences. Besides her passion for STEM, Rose has published two books of poetry.


Award Year:  2016
Employer:  Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Nominated By:  IEEE-USA
Type:Electrical Engineer
Education:  The University of Maryland/B.S, Electrical Engineering (Summa cum Laude, Electrical Engineering Honors Citation). Massachusetts Institute of Technology/M.S., Electrical Engineering & Computer Science; Ph.D., Electrical Engineering & Computer Science with Minor in Mathematics.