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Margarita Kovalchuk : College Edition Award

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Margarita Kovalchuk

Margarita’s undergraduate experience has been varied and filled with internships, research projects, competitions, and classes where each one builds on the other. Her participation on her school’s ASCE Water Treatment Team provided a hands-on approach to learning key concepts before encountering them in her classes. Her internship at Kennedy/Jenks Consultants saw her working on a pipeline project that transported contaminated groundwater to a treatment plant and supplemented what she had learned in class. Her research project focused on developing models to show how agricultural contaminants in ground water can change over time and opened her eyes to the power of applying research to real-world problems. She gives back to the community through organizing mentoring opportunities and engineering outreach events as president of her school’s vibrant SWE section.


Award Year:  2017
College:  California State University, Sacramento
Nominated By:  American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
Type:Civil Engineering