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Chelsey S. Simmons: New Faces Award

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Chelsey S. Simmons

Chelsea, 30, is dedicated to developing the next generation of biomedical tools and training the next generation of engineers as an assistant professor at the University of Florida. In addition to teaching and advising students, she has given presentations all over the world on designing dynamic cell culture systems to improve the way biomedical research is conducted. In her own words, Chelesa “designs machines that act like the human body.” She even designed and fabricated a stretchable, programmable dish that provides a dynamic environment that mimics the beating heart, allowing for more accurate cell biology and drug screening studies. After receiving a patent, Chelsea co-founded a company to develop a commercially available “CytoStim Flexor."


Award Year:  2015
Employer:  University of Florida
Nominated By:  ASME
Type:Mechanical Engineer
Education:  She holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering science from Harvard University, a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Stanford, and a doctoral degree in mechanical engineering, minoring in education, also from Stanford.