Arkansas Air Museum

Popularly known as "The Museum that Flies," many of its vintage aircraft can--and do--fly. The changing collection features open cockpit biplanes and closed cabin monoplanes from the 1920s-60s. An impressive collection of early aircraft engines includes the Rocketdyne H-1 engine, developed for the Saturn booster program. The museum's Allison J-33, donated by the Aerospace Engineering Department at Auburn University, is powered by an electric motor, allowing visitors to see the stages of the engine in motion. Visitors also are invited into the museum's restoration workshop, where they can talk with the aircraft restorers about their work.

Activity Details

Activity Type:Trips and Destinations
Grade:K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12
Time:Full day

Fun Fact:"The hangar that houses the museum is, itself, an engineering marvel. Fayetteville assistant city engineer Henry George designed and built the 100' x 150' structure in 1943-44 at a cost of just $15,000. Because war-time shortages precluded the use of metal, he made it out of wood, and most of the hardware was salvaged from local barns and junkyards. "
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