Why We Are Conducting a Global Survey

While engineers around the world celebrate their distinct Engineer Days, Weeks, and event Months, increasingly, engineering is a collaborative profession without borders.

Global Day of the Engineer transcends borders to unite engineers everywhere in recognizing and celebrating what engineers everywhere have in common—making the world a better place.

And while we know what engineers do, DiscoverE wants to find out more about why they do it.

What motivates someone to become an engineer? Do the reasons change across borders? Whether in Australia or Zimbabwe, are there common threads? Do parents everywhere influence this decision for a young person? What is the more important attraction: the potential for creativity or using science/math skills? Do they become engineers for job security? Prestige?

DiscoverE is offering this first global survey to learn what inspires and informs engineers. What we learn may inspire and inform future generations of innovators and—for DiscoverE—future surveys.