Electrical Engineering

Career Description

As an electrical engineer, you could develop components for some of the most fun things in our lives (MP3 players, digital cameras, or roller coasters) as well as the most essential (medical tests or communications systems). This largest field of engineering encompasses the macro (huge power grids that light up cities, for example) as well as the micro (including a device smaller than a millimeter that tells a car’s airbags when to inflate). As an electrical engineer, you might work on robotics, computer networks, wireless communications, or medical imaging—areas that are at the very forefront of technological innovation.




Invent better MRI scanners, allowing doctors to see even more clearly inside a patient’s body
Develop technology for harvesting energy from exercise machines
Design cell phones that work more reliably and have more features
Develop artificial retinas for the blind
Work on satellite communications systems that connect people around the world
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