Three Ways to Celebrate

In addition to sharing results from the #GlobalEngineerSurvey, here are three great ways to celebrate World Engineering Day:

1. Celebrate Engineers

Spotlight the engineers in your life: colleagues, family, friends, and those in your community. Honor them by:

  • Taking a minute to say thank you.
  • Recognizing them in your organization’s newsletter.
  • Bringing colleagues together for tea, lunch or dinner.
  • Nominating an engineer you admire for an award.

2. Engage Students

Inspire the next generation of engineers by leading them in hands-on engineering activities. Help them learn about the impact, fun, and creativity involved in engineering. In just one session you can set a student on the exciting path to an engineering career. 

3. Post photos on March 4 (#WorldEngDay2020)

Help us make a splash on World Engineering Day. Share photos of:

  • Engineering projects you work on or admire.
  • You and your project teams.
  • Engineers you want to recognize for their good work or inspiration.
  • Engineering celebrations (example: from your Engineers Day, Week or Month events).
  • Leading students in engineering activities.
  • Finished products from student engineering projects.
  • Quotes about being an engineer.
  • AND some selfies!

Want to learn more about World Engineering Day? Click here.