Ruomei Li

Ruomei Li started her career as an electrical engineer in 1982 and has included positions as an engineer in a power dispatch center, a project manager in a research institute, and as CEO of an engineering organization. She has contributed to IEEE PES by promoting clean development in electricity and energy through academic activities and publications, cooperating with international technical organizations, and encouraging the international participation of the Chinese engineering community. Since 2012 Ruomei has been organizing activities for empowerment of women engineers in the power and energy field. She is the 2019 Recipient of the IEEE PES Wanda Reder Pioneer in Power Award for contributions on power systems and power electronics engineering and for promoting the electrical power sector in China. Ruomei received her B.S. in 1982 from Hefei University of Technology, China, M.S. in 1989 from China Electric Power Research Institute, and Ph.D. in 2000 from Bath University in the UK.
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IEEE Power & Energy Society Women in Power
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Promotes leadership diversity in power & energy industries.
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