Future City: Envisioning Urban Public Spaces of Tomorrow

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February 2nd, 2017

Talented Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Graders Prepare to Present Their Innovative Solutions as They Tackle This Year’s Theme,

The Power of Public Space

at 25th Annual Future City® Competition Finals


Washington DC, February 2, 2017 – Public spaces have the capacity to revitalize a city’s economy by introducing new businesses and bringing in new visitors. They can also help reduce crime, ease traffic congestion, improve pedestrian safety, promote healthy living, improve the environment, and enhance civic engagement. A recent study by the UN-Habitat’s Global Urban Observatories Unit found that cities that devoted about 50% of their space to public use tended to be more prosperous and have a higher quality of life.


Since last fall, more than 40,000 middle school students from 1,350 schools in 37 US regions, as well as teams from Canada, China, and the Middle East, have imagined, designed and built cities for the 2016-2017 Future City® Competition. This year’s theme, The Power of Public Space, encourages students to design innovative, multiuse public spaces that serves a city’s diverse population.


In January, each region held qualifying competitions to select the team that will compete at the Future City Finals. Now, those winners are preparing to travel to Washington, DC for the Finals, to be held at the Capital Hilton, February 18-21, 2017, during Engineers Week. The exciting competition takes place over four days and culminates with one team taking home the grand prize of a trip to U.S. Space Camp and $7,500 for their school’s STEM program (provided by Finals sponsor Bentley Systems).

The Future City Competition is a project-based learning experience where students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade imagine, research, design, and build cities of the future. Keeping the engineering design process and project management front and center, students are asked to address an authentic, real-world question: How can we make the world a better place?

During the Future City Competition, students work as a team to complete five deliverables. They design a virtual city using SimCity™ software. They research a city-wide issue and write an essay describing their findings and innovative solutions. Teams complete a project plan to help keep their project on track. They also build a tabletop scale model of their city using recycled materials and create a short presentation about their city.

To commemorate its 25th year, Future City is honoring those whose tireless contributions make the competition possible. Highlighted on its social media pages and on FutureCity.org are blog posts featuring 25 exceptional students, educators, mentors, volunteers and partners who have participated in the program – past and present.

This year Future City will be streaming the Finals as part of its 25th anniversary celebration. The livestream begins on Tuesday, February 21st  at 8:30am (EST) as the competition kicks off with the annual parade of teams. The Future City National Finals grand prize winner will be announced at approximately 12:00pm (EST).  Watch live at futurecity.org or on Facebook at facebook.com/FutureCityCompetition/

One of the nation’s leading engineering education programs and among the most popular, Future City has received national recognition and acclaim for its role in encouraging middle schoolers to develop their interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). In 2016, the Future City Competition received the 2016 Henry C. Turner Prize for Innovation in Construction, presented by Turner Construction Company and the National Building Museum. 

In 2015, Future City was named the grand prize winner in the UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) Innovative Education Award program, receiving a $100,000 award. The UL award highlights the essential, urgent and significant value of E-STEM education.

Future City has ongoing opportunities for engineering and technical professionals to volunteer in a number of different roles, including mentors and regional coordinators. For information about Future City or to volunteer, visit www.futurecity.org.

Major funding for Future City comes from the Bechtel Corporation, Bentley Systems, Inc, Shell Oil Company, and DiscoverE.

About DiscoverE

DiscoverE is leading a growing volunteer movement that inspires and informs present and future generations to discover engineering. Our network of volunteers in the US and abroad is drawn from the DiscoverE coalition of more than 100 professional societies, major corporations and government agencies. Together we meet a vital need: introducing students, parents, and educators to engineering, engaging them in hands-on engineering experiences and making science and math relevant. For more information, visit www.discovere.org.



Future City Competition - National:

Carina Sayles

Sayles & Winnikoff Communications

(212) 725-5200 ext. 210



Geena Pandolfi

Sayles & Winnikoff Communications

212-725-5200 x113







School: Academy for Science and Foreign Language
Hometown: Huntsville, AL
Future City Name: Mauri


School: Victory Middle School
Hometown: Meridian, ID
Future City Name: Ecological Community of Shanghai


School: Veritas Homeschoolers
Hometown: Gilbert, AZ
Future City Name: ReviviQuito

Illinois (Chicago)

School: Prairie Junior High School
Hometown: Alsip, IL
Future City Name: Resurgence Point

California (Northern)

School: Gratton School
Hometown: Denair, CA
Future City Name: Halcyon Sound


School: Riverview Middle Magnet
Hometown: Huntington, IN
Future City Name: Genesee

California (Southern)

School: The Mirman School
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Future City Name: Nova Zitra


School: Franklin Middle School
Hometown: Cedar Rapids, IA
Future City Name: Cascadia

Canada (Ontario)

School: Alexander Graham Bell Public School

Hometown: Ajax, ON

Future City Name: City of Devata

Canada (Prince Edward Island)

School: Grace Christian School

Hometown: Charlottetown, PE

Future City Name: Bomestado

China (Hubei)

School: China Wuhan Foreign Language School

Hometown: Wuhan, Hubei

Future City Name: Shanhai Polis

China (Shanghai)

School: Shanghai Jianping Experimental Middle School

Hometown: Pudong Xinqu, Shanghai

Future City Name: Tomorrowland

China (Sichuan)

School: Chengdu No.7 Wanda High School

Hometown: Moziqiao, Chengdu

Future City Name: Wonderland


School: Future Language School

Hometown: Cairo, Egypt

Future City Name: Paradise City

Florida (South)

School: St. Hugh Catholic School
Hometown: Coconut Grove, FL
Future City Name: Laragiya


School: Graves County 4-H
Hometown: Mayfield, KY
Future City Name: Kharite


School: Scotlandville Middle Magnet

Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA

Future City Name: Grafikós Póli


School: St. Valentine School
Hometown: Redford, MI
Future City Name: Briviba


School: Edlin School
Hometown: Reston, VA
Future City Name: Civitatem Pacis


School: St. Francis of Assisi School
Hometown: Rochester, MN
Future City Name: Kjiojin Limani


School: Wayne Jr-Sr. High School
Hometown: Wayne, NE
Future City Name: Corriendo Rio Ciudad

Nevada (Southern)

School: W. Mack Lyon Middle School
Hometown: Overton, NV
Future City Name: Haizhe

Florida (Tampa Bay)

School: Berkeley Preparatory School

Hometown: Tampa, FL

Future City Name: Destination Detroit

New England

School: Dr. Albert F. Argenziano School
Hometown: Somerville, MA
Future City Name: Samanborg


School: St. Jude the Apostle Catholic School
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Future City Name: CARE city

New Jersey

School: Iselin Middle School

Hometown: Iselin, NJ

Future City Name: Novus Initium

Great Plains

School: Southwest Middle School
Hometown: Lawrence, KS
Future City Name: Teratai

New Mexico

School: Annunciation Catholic School
Hometown: Albuquerque, NM
Future City Name: Future Falls

New York (Albany)

School: New Lebanon Jr.-Sr. High School
Hometown: New Lebanon, NY
Future City Name: Renswyck

Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh)

School: St. Bede School
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Future City Name: Zumala

New York (City)

School: Trinity Regional School

Hometown: East Northport, NY
Future City Name: The Local County City

South Carolina

School: St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School
Hometown: Augusta, GA
Future City Name: Virdeca

New York (Western)

School: Mill Middle School
Hometown: Williamsville, NY
Future City Name: Paradisville


School: Carpenters Middle School

Hometown: Maryville, TN

Future City Name: Pacific, TN

North Carolina

School: Hanes Magnet School
Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC
Future City Name: Aleppo

Texas (Houston)

School: Al-Hadi School of Accelerative Learning 
Hometown: Houston, TX
Future City Name: Ares-IX


School: Oakwood Middle School
Hometown: Canton, OH
Future City Name: Skotgeta

Pennsylvania (Central)

School: Warwick Middle School
Hometown: Lititz, PA
Future City Name: Pompeii

Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)

School: Lionville Middle School
Hometown: Exton, PA
Future City Name: Kopiena


Texas (North)

School: West Ridge Middle School
Hometown: Austin, TX
Future City Name: Sociecity


School: Richland School District (Three Rivers Homelink)
Hometown: Richland, WA
Future City Name: Nayajal


School: Forest Park Middle School
Hometown: Franklin, WI
Future City Name: Jivana