Celebrate Engineers Week

Engineers Week is a time to recognize the individuals who create today’s awe-inspiring wonders and the field of engineering.

It can be as simple as hosting a coffee for a few colleagues or as complex as organizing a company-wide competition. The main ingredient is bringing people together to celebrate and have fun.

Whatever you decide to do, be sure to register your impact. We'll post it on our website and share your efforts on social media! 

1. Share a photo.

Post celebratory photos on social media, ideas include:

  • Engineering projects you work on or admire.
  • You and your project team.
  • Engineering celebrations.
  • AND some selfies! 

Be sure to tag us: #Eweek2020 and @DiscoverEorg.

2. Post a message.

Work with your corporation, society, or college communications team to post a message from leadership about engineering’s vital role in innovating and providing solutions to global challenges, the value of engineers to your organization, or engaging students in the engineering pipeline.

3. Organize an Engineers Week lunch or dinner.

Recognize individuals by planning an event, small or large, to honor their achievements. You can host a morning coffee or tea, afternoon break, lunch, or dinner. Or ask your employer or engineering society to consider hosting an organization-wide celebration. Take pictures and post them on the Engineers Week Facebook page.

4. Nominate someone for an award.

Does your engineering society, employer, or another group host an awards program? Nominate an engineer who is doing great work. And, consider nominating an engineer for an award that is not specific to engineering—like a civic or other community award.

5. Display the Engineers Week Poster

Display this lively and engaging poster on campus, in your office, hallway, lab or classroom. Order it today.

6. Share an inspiring story.

Local reporters like human interest stories that showcase people innovating and creating in their communities. Do you know of an engineer whose work might interest a reporter in your area? If so, you can contact our PR firm, Sayles & Winnikoff, at info@sayleswinnikoff.com. Include a brief description about your idea, along with the name of the engineer. Someone from Sayles & Winnikoff will contact you about next steps.

7. Secure a public proclamation.

Ask your mayor or governor for a proclamation recognizing the contributions of engineers. Provide the public official with this year’s Engineers Week theme—Engineers: Invent Amazing—and background information about the profession.

8. Host an event with a special speaker.

Invite an inspiring speaker to deliver a talk at your campus or workplace during Engineers Week. Then decide if this event is invitation-only or if you will open it up to the general public or invite local students.

9. Organize a friendly competition for engineers or engineering students.

Competitions and hands-on engineering activities aren’t just for kids. Organize a fun event where your colleagues and/or undergraduates take on simple to complex engineering challenges. 

10. Tell a friend.

Do your colleagues, friends, and family know about Engineers Week and what your plans are for celebrating? Tell them and let them join in the fun.