Black Lives Matter: A Message from DiscoverE

As an organization committed to diversity and inclusion, we at DiscoverE are shocked and outraged at the death of Mr. George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police.

Words in a statement alone feel inadequate. We must go beyond words. Collectively we must work to end racism. We must look within ourselves and ask how we are propagating racist stereotypes, policies, and conditions. We must ask ourselves and others what can we do to change our current environment and expectations and work to create an anti-racist society. We must listen and learn and then we must act. To do the first without the second is not an option.

We at DiscoverE are committed, now more than ever, to ensuring that our programs, our actions, and our coalition are working toward a fully inclusive engineering community. One where all voices are heard, where all perspectives matter.

DiscoverE reaffirms its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in its work today, especially our K-12 and professional development programs, and urges its partners, coalition members, and others to join in this effort, knowing that it will create a path to a better society and a better future.

We do not tolerate discrimination, harassment or racism on our platform, in our programs, or from the members of our coalition. We will hold everyone who partners with DiscoverE to standards of basic respect and human decency.

At DiscoverE we know that no one is as strong as all of us, and together we can work to end racism.

- The DiscoverE Team

June 9th, 2020