Belma Erdogan-Haug

Dr. Belma Erdogan-Haug manages all aspects of 3M’s flagship of technical collaboration programs, awards and recognition programs, science encouragement programs and Technical Leadership Roundtables. She joined 3M as a senior research scientist in the Corporate Research Materials Laboratory (CRML), after completing a Post-doc in the Polymer Science & Engineering / Chemistry, at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She has a Ph.D. in Polymer Chemistry from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Through her years in CRML, she contributed to significant advances in Pressure Sensitive Adhesives, Nanoparticles and Low Shrink Dental Materials. In the Renewable Energy Division, she focused on encapsulants and led a cross functional team from Germany, Japan, Korea and China and finally in Display Materials and Systems Division, she worked as a project manager/team leader and focused on Optically Clear Adhesives for flexible display applications both for consumer electronics and automotive dashboard. She has 20 patents and 13 peer reviewed scientific journal publications. Belma is passionate about helping her community and involved in many outreach programs like being a volunteer tutor for high school students, mentoring women and underrepresented minority college students about science and career development.
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Global Technical Learning & Collaboration Manager
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3M Corporate R&D Center
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Innovative technology for a changing world.
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