2019 Global Day of the Engineer Survey Results

DiscoverE's first ever Global Engineer Survey was designed to help the engineering community learn about and celebrate its many shared values—and at the same time, the qualities that make it diverse. The hope was that the findings will be useful in sparking interest and enthusiasm among tomorrow’s engineers.

2,882 Engineers from 82 Countries Say ...

  • Environmental issues are the most daunting global challenges engineers will face in the next 25 years.
  • Teachers inspire future engineers, second only to fathers. 
  • Problem-solving is the most important skill an engineer needs to be successful (math and science are second to last!). 
  • Engineers get career satisfaction from challenging and interesting work.
    • Yet, women say meaningful work that makes a difference is a close second, while men rank using their skills and talents as #2. 
  • 56% decided to become an engineer between the ages of 15- to 18-years-old.

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1.  The Survey Results Infographic

2.  The Executive Summary of the Global Day of the Engineer 2019 Survey Results 

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